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Immigration Newsweek


By Atty. Henry Moyal



Just in time for the pandemic, Canada Immigration is now requiring all applicants who are in Canada as temporary residents and are seeking to extend their temporary resident status or their authorization to work or study must apply by electronic means only, unless otherwise specified.

To be specific, the following applications must be made by the electronic means – which means that applicants can no longer send paper based applicants ( unless unable to do so due to a disability).

  • an application for an extension of an authorization to remain in Canada as a temporary resident
  • an application that is made in Canada for a work or study permit or for renewal of such a permit
  • an application for the restoration of temporary resident status
  • an application that is made pursuant to a youth mobility arrangement entered into by Canada

The following applications are exempted:

Open work permit pilot program for permanent residence applicants in the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class
Live-in caregivers who have submitted an application for permanent residence
Permanent residence applicants in Canada who used Express Entry to submit their permanent residence application and have received an acknowledgment of receipt letter
Start-up visa work permit applicants
Quebec physicians
  In-Canada applicants under the 2 pilots for caregivers:

  • Home Child Care Provider Pilot (HCCPP)
  • Home Support Worker Pilot (HSWP)
Destitute students
Holders of a temporary resident permit valid for a minimum of 6 months
Seafood-processing workers
Non-Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) Guatemalan workers
Urgent referrals process for work permits or otherwise specified by the Clients Support Centre’s call handling document
Refugee claimants
Persons under an unenforceable removal order
Failed refugee claimants waiting for removal who need to support themselves


Attorney Henry Moyal is a certified and licensed immigration lawyer in Toronto, Ontario.

The above article is general advice only and is not intended to act as a legal document.

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