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Immigration Newsweek

Immigration Newsweek

By: Henry Moyal

The following is from Canada Immigration to clarify any confusion on when a study permit expires.

If a foreign national was given a study permit, there is an expiry date marked on the document. This is the expiry date of your temporary resident status in Canada.

The duration of the validity of a study permit corresponds to the length of the program of study plus 90 days following program completion. The program of study is considered complete when you receive a notification in writing of program completion from your school.

As per subsection R222(1), a study permit becomes invalid upon the first to occur of the following days:
(a) the day that is 90 days after the day on which the permit holder completes their studies,
(b) the day on which a removal order made against the permit holder becomes enforceable, or
(c) the day on which the permit expires.

If your study permit has expired and you have not applied for an extension, or if you did not respect one of the conditions on your permit or you have studied without a required permit, you have committed an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. You may be subject to an admissibility hearing that could lead to removal from Canada.
However, if you wish to stay in Canada after your status has expired you may apply for restoration of status within the 90 days following your loss of status. If not, you have to leave Canada.
It is illegal to remain in Canada beyond the validity of your status in Canada.
It is illegal to work without a required work permit.
It is illegal to study without a required study permit.

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